JB Knibbs

JB Knibbs is an emerging visual artist who’s currently based in Melbourne, Australia (even if her heart still longs for the moors of Scotland).

After studying lighting design, Knibbs picked up the camera to continue exploring aspects of light and visual storytelling. Her photographic work primarily involves staged narrative images and creative portraiture, with an emphasis on finding or creating unusual lighting. She’s particularly interested in exploring the uncanny or what she likes to call “domestic weirdness” – where the banal transitions into the unsettling.

Throughout 2014 and into 2015, Knibbs has been travelling through the UK, USA and Canada, continuing her art education, making new connections and expanding her experiences (read: “having adventures”).

Her photographic work has been featured in the ‘Behind the Camera’ section of digital photography magazine In Focus Australasia (Issue #15), and selected works were exhibited for the first time in Photography Now at The Brick Lane Gallery in London in February 2015.