Thank you for 2014

Wow, it’s been a hell of a year. I’m not going to do a huge recap here or anything (I’ve been pondering in my own time just how far I’ve come) but there are a lot of people I would really like to thank, publicly, for being all kinds of amazing.

First of all, there’s my parents- for their continuing support, and for not being at all skeptical when I announced that I felt like taking off for a year so that I could pursue fine arts a little more. Secondly, my sisters, my friends, and everyone who has encouraged me and my work. It has meant so much to get positive feedback from you guys and I’m more determined than ever to continue down the fine arts track.

I also specifically need to thank a lot of people for giving me places to stay on my travels this year. Your kindness and generosity have made an enormous difference to my year, and I look forward to paying forward (or back) the favours in the future. (Come visit me in Australia!) So a MASSIVE thank you to the likes of Polly Adams (and housemates), George Lloyd-Roberts, Neil Gaiman, Tom & Hazel Bartels, the Cunningham family, Daphne Mir, Olga Nunes, Lois Dawson, and Anna Lane.

Another burst of gratitude has to go to everyone who has humoured my ridiculous art-making pursuits this year: everyone who has posed for me, who has let me make them up, dress them up (shout-out to Nic, who let me bully him into being wrapped in cling film for The Dreamcatcher), or glue things to their faces; and everyone who has helped behind the scenes: costuming, co-directing, lighting, feedback. Thanks for your patience while I learn how to organise and direct photo shoots – you’ve all been absolutely wonderful.

Also just a few quick stats because it’s kind of cool to see how much I’ve done this year.


Places visited: 13
Flights: 14
Intercity trains: 6
Intercity buses: 10
Photos posted: 324
Books read: 33
New friends made: too hard to count

NEW EXPERIENCES (in no particular order):

  • Photo a day project
  • Visiting Scotland, hiking in the Highlands
  • Visiting the Isle of Skye – one of my new favourite places
  • Visiting Canada, seeing elk and a bear
  • Photographing people I didn’t know well
  • Going up in a hot air balloon at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta
  • Working at the Edinburgh Fringe
  • Living in another country
  • Working in a museum
  • Arranging to exhibit some work
  • Going to a Game of Thrones improv party
  • Turning people into sculptural forms
  • Photographing a musician
  • Having my work featured in a photography magazine
  • Arranging photo shoots in theatrical spaces
  • Learning more about artistic processes
  • Hiking in Vancouver
  • Having no fixed address for most of a year

Bring on 2015!